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IZODOM2000 systems consist of over 100 elements that can be combined like LEGO bricks to obtain a specific size and shape of the house.

Then the elements are filled with concrete. The thickness of the insulation layers, the type of concrete and possible reinforcement are selected depending on the requirements.

All kinds of buildings can be built from the elements of IZODOM2000: multi-story apartment blocks, single-family houses and even swimming pools.

It is a completely safe technology.

The elements of IZODOM2000 were already used in 1996 to build an 11-story energy-saving residential high-rise building.

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Benefits of cooperation with Izodom 2000 Polska


Stand out from the crowd. You have the opportunity to cooperate with an innovative Polish company, which for 30 years has been the creator and manufacturer of proven IZODOM2000 technology dedicated to passive and energy efficient buildings.


By working with us you have the opportunity to become noticeable in the rapidly growing branch of energy efficient and passive construction, which will result in the dynamic development of your business.


Support your business on a technology that reduces the construction process to a few weeks. Erect environmentally friendly buildings with the lowest maintenance costs.


By entering into cooperation with us you will gain security and the opportunity to build strong and lasting business relationships. Additionally, you will receive substantive support which will allow you to grow your business using the reliable IZODOM2000 brand.


By working with us you have access to our knowledge, know-how and 30 years of experience. EU technical and safety certificates as well as numerous awards prove that we are specialists in this field.

Check what our partners think of us

Easy and fast construction, even in winter. I definitely recommend this product.

Jorma Vilmusenaho (Izodom’s Partner)

The builders evaluated very well the construction process using IZODOM2000 products. I was able to run two parallel construction sites with the same team.

Miłosz S. (Izodom’s Partner)

I am very satisfied with the IZODOM2000 system and I think it is an excellent solution

– Robert G. (Izodom’s Partner)

The key aspect for me and my team resulting from joining Izodom 2000 Poland was establishing a friendly, open and reliable cooperation for innovation in the sector of low-energy and passive houses. Professionalism in development, training provided by specialists, coherent goals of customer acquisition create a partnership on equal terms, which makes us feel part of the Izodom 2000 Polska family and we appreciate it very much.

– Leo Dill (partner)

Cooperation with Izodom and participation in the partner programme is a great opportunity to join the team of people and companies with a great possibility to create the future of the sector of Polish construction of detached houses and other buildings.


Participation in such a large project is a challenge and responsibility not only for Izodom but mainly for the end users, i.e. Polish families to whom we sell the material for the house construction, their feeling of safety and very well invested money.  


This is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


In my case, it is at the same time the fulfilment of a dream from the beginning of my activity in the construction industry to increase the living standards of people in Poland. The opportunity to join the Izodom partner programme is an honour not many people get. Continuous work on corporate and personal development is the path I would like to follow. I wish to improve our cooperation in order for the whole team to achieve more ambitious goals.

– Dominik Gołębiowski (partner)

A company with a long tradition. An innovative and ecological enterprise being one step ahead of the standards, with great potential, taking care of business partners. The combination of these features makes Izodom 2000 Polska stand out in the market and provides a reliable and robust base for fruitful cooperation.

– Bartosz Inerowicz (partner)

Izodom means an excellent technology which gives you great opportunities to build passive and low-energy houses. Izodom also means people with whom we work very well, that is why I see my future in the cooperation with this company.

– Maciej Wieczorek WIEMAR (partner)

Open a local IZODOM2000 office

Do you want to stand out? Do you want to expand? Do you want to increase your profits?

Join us! Open a local IZODOM2000 office. This is a unique opportunity to work directly with a technology manufacturer.

By using our brand, you have the opportunity to become noticeable in the rapidly growing branch of energy efficient and passive construction. This is a great possibility to dynamically grow your business. By working with us you will be able to take advantage of our 30 years of experience in the energy efficient construction market. You will get a complete business model with a well-considered growth strategy.

Cooperation with us is a partnership based on mutual trust. By using our products, you will have the opportunity to stand out in the market and offer top quality green houses with the lowest maintenance costs.

Prizes and awards

We have been supplying the highest quality construction products for years. We nave been constantly developing to meet the requirements of the changing market. We have been granted numerous international and national awards, which are the culmination of our activities.

Distinction by the European Commission

In 2013, the European Commission recognized Izodom as one of the top 40 European building products in the EU-Gateway Programme.

Diamenty Polskiej Innowacyjności [Diamonds of Polish Innovation]

The “Sylwetki i Marki Polskiej Gospodarki” [Profiles and Brands of the Polish Economy] award – “Diament Polskiej Innowacyjności 2017” [Diamond of Polish Innovation 2017] is awarded to companies that apply unique and modern solutions in their business.


We are the first manufacturer of construction materials awarded by the Ministry of the Environment in the Greenevo programme for energy efficiency of buildings and their positive impact on the environment.

Passive buildings ambassador

We are the ambassadors of passive building – this title is assigned to companies that introduce innovations to the Polish market in the form of building components and systems recommended for use in passive buildings.

Forbes Diamonds 2018

An award for the most dynamically developing enterprises in our country.

Caring for Cliamte

Our company is a member of an initiative run under the auspices of the United Nations Environment Programme. This elite organization comprises only 350 companies worldwide.


We have implemented a quality control system in accordance with the 9001:2015 standard; the supervising body is TÜV Rheinland.


European Technical Assessment is a certificate thanks to which our construction elements are CE marked and we can sell them throughout the European Union.

Passive House Institute

IZODOM2000 is the first Polish comprehensive building system to obtain such a certificate. It proves that the building constructed with the Izodom technology is completely airtight and there are no thermal bridges.

Teraz Polska 2013

Stand out from the crowd. You have the opportunity to cooperate with an innovative Polish company, which for 30 years has been the creator and manufacturer of proven technology dedicated to passive buildings.


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